Culinary Cannabis – Making Food Great With a Dash of Delta-8

Taking Edibles to the Next Level

Pushing Culinary Cannabis to the Limit

After attending culinary arts school, Chef Chris Rivera began experimenting with and developing cannabis-infused recipes. For fifteen years, Chef Rivera tested the limits of what cannabis edibles could be. His treats made it to Justin and Marco, co-owners of Strange Cloudz—a successful chain of vape shops. Chef Rivera’s innovative recipes impressed the two, and with their support, Str8 Ediblez was born.

Chef Rivera has always been dedicated to staying on top of current cannabis trends and evolving edibles to reach their greatest potential. When delta-8 started making waves, he didn’t hesitate to jump in and begin concocting recipes.

Str8 Ediblez delta-8 products are reinventing what the world of edibles has been in the past. Don’t miss out on these unique and revolutionary treats.


Frequently Asked Questions

Because it’s derived from hemp, rather than marijuana, it is legal in far more states than marijuana.

Any substance feels different to everyone. But it’s commonly reported to give users a floaty, high feeling with intense relaxation. It’s also been reported to boost energy and focus among users. Often, people trying delta-8 who are familiar with delta-9 (in traditional marijuana edibles) say that it does not come with the anxiety they experience when using delta-9.

Delta-8 is reported to have fewer negative side-effect than delta-9, making it appear safe if used responsibly short term. However, as with any substance, you must use it at your discretion. Most delta-8 is made in a lab, rather than completely extracted from hemp. If your delta-8 is chemically produced, there will almost always be byproducts. Always get your delta-8 from reputable sources, as there are many “garage chemists” and amateurs who are more likely to produce a bad batch.

Also, please note that there are no long-term studies available on humans at this time, therefore long-term effects are unknown. Use at your own risk.

Delta-8 can show up on a drug test because its molecular structure is nearly identical to delta-9. Please keep this in mind if you’re in a position where you cannot afford to fail a drug test.