Str8 Ediblez ▲9 THC Oil-Infused Gummies curated exclusively for the 21+ cannabis consumer. Each delectable gummy is a testament to our commitment to quality, boasting 25 mg of meticulously infused ▲9 THC oil for a precisely dosed and delightful experience.

Immerse your palate in the symphony of flavors with our two current offerings: Tropical Fruit and Sour Blue Razz. The Tropical Fruit blend is a journey through exotic tastes, while the Sour Blue Razz strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and tanginess. Str8 Ediblez invites you to explore a world where each gummy is a unique flavor adventure.

What distinguishes Str8 Ediblez is our dedication to using naturally sourced coloring and flavors. Our gummies are a celebration of authenticity, free from artificial additives, delivering a genuine and flavorful cannabis experience.

Elevate your moments with the sophistication of Str8 Ediblez ▲9 THC Oil-Infused Gummies. With each chew, you embark on a crafted journey into relaxation and bliss. Indulge responsibly and let Str8 Ediblez redefine your cannabis-infused snacking experience.

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