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About Str8 Ediblez

Str8 Ediblez, LLC Brings Premium, Handcrafted Edibles to the Table

Str8 Ediblez is an independently owned and operated Delta-8 Manufacturer located in Clearwater,  Florida that is rapidly gaining traction in the industry. Established in 2021 by Chef C., Str8 Ediblez manufactures and supplies premium cannabis products to shops and distributors up and down the east coast of the United States. With having an extensive background in the culinary industry, Chef C. ensures their products have a great shelf life, don’t take up too much space, and have great profit margins. With a mouth-watering taste and a truly unique experience, our edibles are not your typical gummies.

The Future of Edibles

What Makes Delta-8 Edibles the Next Big Thing?

“Sleep”, “High Quality”, “Lab Tested”

Delta-8 is exploding in popularity! Derived from the hemp plant, many users report the same sense of euphoria and calm they obtain through marijuana, but without the anxiety or crash that often accompanies. It is also said to provide sharper focus and a more consistent energy boost than delta-9.

Because of its gentler high and lack of negative side effects, delta-8 is the perfect introduction to those looking to use cannabis. Delta-8 is great for regular users of cannabis as well. Relaxation- and focus-seekers looking for a different experience are flocking to delta-8 to experience the benefits without the jitters.

Delta-8 edibles are perfect for managing pain, anxiety, nausea, and loss of appetite. Studies are still being done on delta-8, but some show that the substance may have positive effects on memory and reducing the growth of tumors (at least in mice).

Stocking your shelves with delta-8 edibles is a wise investment. It’s one of the fastest-growing hemp-derived products as of 2021. As more people discover the benefits of delta-8, business will be booming!

Str8 Ediblez Delta-8 Choices

Our Delta-8 Selection Includes:
Edibles, Drinks, Tinctures and Sauces.

Str8 Ediblez geek rope gummies 1000mg Delta 8 THC
Geek Ropes

We specialize in chef-crafted delta-8 edibles with Geek Ropes beings one of our best selling and is the most sought after products.

Str8 Ediblez Pumpkin Pie Delta 8 THC Bon Bonz
Seasonal Products

Str8 Ediblez are always coming up with new recipes to cater to those who love seasonal flavors.

Edible Alternatives

Delta-8 Tinctures, Syrups, and condiments are great for those who want to control their dosage and prefer an alternative to edibles.

Product Categories Include:

Cereal Bars, Chocolate, Geek Ropes, Cookies, Saucez, Tinctures, Shotz, and Syzurpz

Safe Practices

Str8 Ediblez Prioritizes Compliance and Safety

“Quality Sourced Distilate”, “Lab Tested”, “Shelf Stable”

Str8 Ediblez uses the highest quality nationwide delta-8 distillate sourced from multiple labs in their cannabis products to ensure a premium result.

Manufacturer practices 100% compliance with the department of agriculture gives you peace of mind that product descriptions, ingredients, and lot numbers are accurate and consistent across all lines of products.

Benefits of Wholesale

Why Choose Wholesale?

Take your business to the next level by registering for a wholesale account.
“Manufacture Direct Pricing”, “High Profit Margins”, “Easy Ordering”


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